Montpak International prepares standard cuts of veal and lamb meat for sale in retail supermarkets, wholesale establishments and specialty shops. These cuts can be further processed by butchers and professional meat-cutters into a variety of market ready, or ready to cook, cuts, such as roasts, chops, scaloppini, shanks, cubes and ground.

We also offer counter ready products for sale in retail under modified atmosphere packaging also known as «MAP». This form of packaging locks in freshness to extend the quality life of a fresh product without altering taste or quality. With this method each tray is pre-weighed and pre-priced allowing the retailer to be more efficient. This packaging also benefits the consumer in that it reduces prep time in the kitchen, extends product shelf life, reduces waste and most of all offers the home cook the quality of restaurant dining at home. We can also offer vacuum sealed products, that is another form of packaging that prolongs the quality of life of a fresh or frozen product by reducing atmospheric oxygen and creating a hermetic seal. 

Whether you’re planning a holiday gathering or a simple family meal, our veal and lamb products will truly become a family favourite.