Our company

Established in 1959 in Montreal, Montpak built its reputation as a family owned quality driven processor of a full range of veal products. In 2006, Montpak merged with Bellivo Transformation, another family owned veal processor, to form Montpak International which today has become the leading veal and lamb processor in North America. In addition to the North American markets, our global reach extends to many international markets.

We operate one of the largest federally inspected, HACCP accredited slaughter facility for veal and lamb in North America as well as a federally inspected, HACCP accredited state of the art transformation plant also certified SQF (Safe Quality Food).

Our vertical integration provides traceability and quality assurance from the slaughterhouse through to processing and transformation. All stages, including transport, are diligently monitored and controlled ensuring complete customer satisfaction.