Quebec Lamb

What makes our lamb truly exceptional is the way it is raised. Group housed in an environment that offers freedom of movement, gentle handling, proper nutrition and fresh clean water promotes natural growth and a healthy animal. Lambs are fed exclusively from their mother's milk during the first phase, while during the second phase this is complemented with forage and grains to ensure the proper functioning of the digestive system. In the weaning phase they are fed high quality grains consisting mainly of cereals and hay. This diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals ensures the proper development of the animal, promotes consistency and produces a lean rosé meat with a mild, but distinctive flavour unique to Quebec lamb. A very nutritious food, lamb is a good source of protein, vitamin B and iron. Lamb meets today's consumer need to eat healthy. Versatile and delicious, lamb is the meat of choice in many parts of the world and adapts very well to any menu.

We are proud to say that Quebec raised lamb results in a product of superior flavour and texture, enjoy it for its succulent taste and exceptional tenderness.

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