Animal Care

Excellent care and humane treatment of our animals is a fundamental responsibility for Montpak International and our livestock partners. Accountability, responsibility, continuous improvement, and thorough ongoing monitoring remain at the helm of our animal welfare programs.

Humanely Raised: Our calves and lambs are raised in protective enclosures with excellent air circulation, natural sunlight, and temperature control, with easy access to water in order to allow the animals to move around freely. Animal technicians, in collaboration with veterinarians, monitor every aspect of animal care.

Modern ApproachEach animal receives gentle handling, proper nutrition, and fresh clean water in an environment that offers freedom of movement and socialization, which fosters natural growth.

Personalized Care: In addition to the daily care provided by the producer, an animal technician, under the supervision of a veterinarian, visits the farm each week to perform an inspection of the animals. This helps ensure the health and well-being of each animal as well as compliance with the feeding program.

Animal Transport: Our animals are transported in well maintained, regularly serviced trucks in comfortable conditions in order to ensure their comfort, respect their well-being,  minimize stress and prevent injuries.

Our Abattoir: The consulting services of Dr. Temple Grandin, an expert on cattle handling facilities and professor of animal science at Colorado State University, has helped us improve our knowledge on animal welfare. In addition, we have implemented a remote monitoring system by Arrowsight, the leading developer of monitoring services, to oversee the application of handling procedures and treatment of animals. Dr. Grandin consults Arrowsight on animal welfare and validates this method of surveillance as essential means of ensuring animal well-being. In this respect, Montpak International continues to follow with great interest the advice of Dr. Grandin to ensure animals are treated with the utmost care in order to avoid stress and suffering.

Montpak International is subject to regular third party audits initiated by our customers. These audits are designed to measure our compliance with various programs and procedures in place. We consistently receive excellent scores in these audits which has allowed us to remain a leader in this industry and continually offer the highest quality product. 

Montpak International takes to heart animal well-being, it is in this light that we strive to meet the following quality standards with our partners and suppliers:
  • Program and facility standards
  • Accurate procedure methodology
  • Veterinary monitoring practices
  • Hygiene and quality control assurance
  • Ongoing training of staff
These performance standards are not only important to Montpak International but they are also important for our customers.

Animal Welfare is a Human Concern

Excellent care and humane treatment of animals through accountability, responsibility, continuous improvement, and thorough on going monitoring remain at the helm of our animal welfare programs.