Blade roast bone in

4 trays of shoulder blade balanced to 1kg +/-

“MAP” packaging is a gas flushed packaging system that locks in freshness to extend the quality life of a fresh product without altering taste or quality.
The finished product is placed in a plastic tray lined with an absorbent pad.
It is covered with a barrier film protecting the product from the atmosphere thus giving the product a better shelf life.
The package is labelled and placed in a shipping carton and is ready to be shipped.

Features & Benefits

  • Perceived as a high end product
  • Packaging is more resistant to consumer handlingversus other methods of packaging
  • Improved visual display
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination
  • Fewer returns
  • Improved logistics and supply demandplanning
  • Product losses are minimized
  • Cost effective


Grain-Fed Veal, Shoulder, Front Cuts - Grain-Fed Veal, <em>(Rôti)</em>

Nutrition Facts

For 100 g

Calories 110

% Daily

Fat 2.00 g 3 %
Saturated 1 g 6 %
+ Trans 0 g 1 %
Carbohydrate 0 g  
Fibre 0 g 0 %
Sugars 0 g 0 %
Protein 21 g  
Cholesterol 60 mg  
Sodium 80 mg 3 %
Potassium 350 mg7 %
Calcium 10 mg1 %
Iron 2 mg11 %

*5% or less is a little,
15% or more is a lot.

Ingredients: Grain fed veal